Solutions for High Net Worth and Family Office

We assist high net worth individual and single and multi family offices in implementing comprehensive systems solution to efficiently manage their investment portfolio and ongoing portfolio administrative tasks.  In addition we offer independent investment research and audit services related to Hedge Funds, Fund of Hedge Funds and Private Equity investments in their portfolio.  We occasionally partner with industry experts and/or vendors to provide the most optimal solutions for our clients. Our solutions for high net worth and family office clients include:
  • Vendor System(s) selection, configuration and implementation for managing your customized Client portfolio and ongoing market, credit. liquidity risks and portfolio administrative (performance, accounting, valuation, reconciliation) tasks. 
  • Assistance with Portfolio analysis, customized asset allocation that includes a broad array of asset classes  and ongoing rebalancing to meet your specific investment objective.
  • Conducting an objective qualitative and quantitative analysis between several hedge funds, private equity funds and fund of hedge funds.
  • Recommendation on asset allocation with Hedge fund and/or Private Equity investment in your portfolio to meet your investment objective.
  • Assistance with asset allocation on customized portfolio with Alternative Investments using Alternative metrics framework.
  • Interviewing hedge fund management team including conducting on-site operational evaluations, reference checks, performance analysis and detailed reviews of investment terms and conditions.
  • Conducting Investment analysis, operational and quantitative risk analysis specific to your underlying hedge fund strategy.
  • Reviewing and providing analysis on portfolio allocation, relevant exposure, position, liquidity and  recommendation to meet your target objective.
  • Analyzing and reviewing overall  portfolio exposure across partnerships by type, geography, industry, sectors.
  • Assistance with ongoing management of tracking, investing and redeeming of investments in underlying hedge funds based on redemption frequency, notice periods, lock-up periods, hurdle rates, and high water mark information.
  • Providing independent Hedge fund research services by sector, industry, geography and strategy.
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