Fund/Investment due diligence, and Financial Research Services

We provide objective fund, investment research as well as corresponding support services to add value to your internal research team. We have built internal financial database and have access to current data from our partner firms to conduct accurate research in a timely manner. Our dedicated research team consisting of industry experts can provide you the following services:

  • Independent hedge fund manager due diligence and review.
  • Conduct interview with hedge fund management team, on-site operational evaluations, reference checks, performance analysis and detailed reviews of investment terms and conditions.
  • Hedge Fund risk assessment (strategy, credit, market, liquidity, transparency, governance) review.
  • Independent research and analyst coverage for different Alternative Investment strategies.
  • Conduct custom fund research, investment analysis, operational and quantitative risk analysis. 
  • Back-testing of investment strategies, technical analysis and credit risk modeling.
  • Fund performance, style, attribution review and analysis.
  • Analyze and review portfolio allocation, relevant exposure, position, liquidity and provide corresponding recommendation.
  • Assistance with identifying target Company by sector, region for suitable for buyout opportunity or exit strategy.
  • Conduct thorough financial analysis of target Company and its competitors. 
  • Interview target Company's management, and review its customer base, internal team, operations.
  • Independent review and recommendation on entry and exit options including buyout or spin off option based on thorough analysis.