Administration, Risk, Compliance Services

We conduct an objective review and assessment for your firm to ensure that proper procedures, policies and oversight as far as fund administration, risk management and compliance is in place. Our primary focus is to ensure integrity of your operational infrastructure and provide fund opportunity to create a service offering that is integral to your fund investment process. We will demonstrate that the administration function adds value to both the investment process and investor communications, at the level that suits a particular fund’s needs and assist you in establishing an effective partnership with fund administrator and form a proper operational infrastructure. Few of our services include:

  • Fund Administrator due diligence, selection, setup  and integration.
  • Compliance program development and implementation.
  • Enterprise risk assessment, ongoing independent audit, review and management.
  • Information security review, assessment and recommendation.
  • Accounting control, transaction cost analysis review and verification.
  • Investor services review - offering, subscription, tenders, distribution, and capital call.
  • Objective, independent fund and investment report review.
  • Offshore Fund Administrator due diligence, selection, setup and integration.
  • Merger and Acquisition due diligence review.
  • Review reconciliations with Prime Broker, Custodian and Fund Administrator.
  • Policies and procedures evaluation and development.
  • Review NAV calculations and fund performance calculation.
  • Review fund fee agreement, management fee, processing, carryover and claw back fee calculation.