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We also attend to specialized recruiting needs for the investment management industry and can serve as a trusted advisor for your firm in locating the right talent. Our domain knowledge, understanding and closed network in the investment management industry give us an ability to recruit the best and the brightest talent with a specific experience and skills to meet your recruitment needs. We can assist you in finding a candidate on a contract or full time basis with specific skill set and will present you the candidate only after conducting a rigorous screening to ensure you get the best talent.  Below are the select practice areas:

  • Hedge Fund
  • Hedge Fund of Funds
  • Private Equity
  • Venture Capital
  • Private Banking
  • Asset Management/Wealth Management
  • Investment Banking
  • Capital Markets
  • Investment Management
  • Futures,  Commodities trading
  • Equity, equity options trading
  • Proprietary Trading Desks
  • Financial Risk Management
  • Information Technology
  • Legal, Compliance
  • Administration, Accounting, Operations Support
  • Fund Strategy, Marketing, Sales
  • Prime Brokers
  • Fund Administrator
Please contact your Infosoft sales representative or contact us via email at to assist you with your recruiting needs.